How schools are contributing to Swachh Bharat Campaign


Good habits start in childhood and school is the best platform where the students can adopt and nurture good habits like cleanliness, sanitation, eco-friendly behaviour etc. That’s why it is important that school curriculum not only just talks about habits of cleanliness and sanitation but also puts these into action so that children learn to keep their surroundings clean. With Swacch Bharat campaign being observed all over India, many schools have joined the vision of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and contributing their part in spreading the message of cleanliness and taking active part in cleanliness drives.

MM International Schools at Karnal, Sadopur and Mullana have taken the lead in promoting sanitation and cleanliness. Students of these schools take active part in cleanliness drives which are being organised at the school level. If you happen to visit the school on any regular day, you will find it spick and span. The credit for keeping the school campus clean and green goes not only to the administrative staff but also to the MMIS students who share the responsibility in of sanitation and cleanliness.

The cleanliness and sanitation campaigns started by MMIS are an example for other schools. To know more about other eco-friendly campaigns started by MM International Schools, check the

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