Learning Facilities

Learning is so much more fun at MM International School Sadopur which not only focuses on encouraging children to go beyond the book but also provides hands–on learning experience owing to various labs like Chemistry Lab, Computer Lab, Language Lab etc. These Labs signify the research culture and interactive learning pedagogy is being followed at our school. The tools needed for the research are made available to all the students. The school provides the student with the latest equipments and apparatuses for the science labs to stimulate innovation through multi-sensory environment to ensure that students learn while experimenting. These labs address every single question of the students and help them to learn with a deeper insight.

Audio Visual Lab

Books alone would not do wonders for the kids 21st century kids who need audiovisual tools to understand the concept thoroughly. That’s why at MMIS Sadopur, we have a spacious air-conditioned Audio Visual Lab that proves very beneficial especially when it is utilized for multimedia presentations and guest lectures by experts of different fields. Our Lab also features an excellent collection of films and documentaries based on education and also for their entertainment. These labs also facilitate Computer Interactive Aided Learning.

Computer Lab

Computer education is an indispensable part of today’s curriculum. With everything gone digital, it becomes significant that we impart digital literacy and computer education to our youngsters from the very primary classes. MMIS Sadopur has a professionally competent and experienced staff to train the children in computer science that includes theoretical as well as practical aspect of computers. These labs are well equipped with the state-of-the-art latest computers and gadgets to help the children gain practical knowledge of operating and managing computer systems. Computer lab has Wi-Fi connectivity. Internet access is available to the children so that they can use these computers to access educational resources as well. Our school is glad to contribute in nation’s development by making the children computer savvy.

Language Lab

Communication is the essence of development and language is the essence of communication. Learning of a language is an ongoing process and to aid in this process, MMIS Sadopur has developed an exclusive Language Lab that consists of a system making use of audiovisual aids and the experts enable students work under their able guidance for enhancing their vocabulary, proper pronunciation and correct diction. We aim to empower our children with linguistic perfection and that’s the sole focus of teachers who spend time with children in the language laboratory.

Mathematics Lab

Students happen to dislike Mathematics because its concepts are very confusing. That’s why the need of the hour is to make Mathematics a fun to learn. MMIS Sadopur has provided the students with fully-equipped Mathematics lab where they are made available the study materials for performing different mathematical experiments. In addition to regular assignments, students also play mathematical games like puzzles in the lab area. Mathematics laboratory has made a valuable contribution in developing the skills of reasoning, logical thinking and lateral thinking in our children.

Robotics Lab

MMIS Sadopur has taken a great initiative by deciding to integrate robotics into our curriculum that succeeds in addressing the needs of present-day learning environments where our future leaders need to be technologically sound. We are planning for an advanced Robotics Lab where the students would be able to enhance their skills including creativity, innovation, cooperation, team work and self-confidence. Through hands-on learning sessions organized in this Robotics Lab, MMIS will succeed in strengthening the bottom-line understanding of science, technology, mathematics in a collaborative manner amongst all our children. Robotics lab will encourage question based approach of learning that helps students exercise their imagination through experimental challenges. At MM International School, we are going to set up a Robotics Lab where students will get hands on experience for making some robots like soccer playing robot, garbage collecting robot, Scorpion like robot, remote controlled cars and many more working models.

In this Robotic Lab, interactive sessions will be conducted which will focus on sharing ideas, nurturing creativity and team work among students.

3D Lab

At MMIS, we lay emphasis on 3D learning experience so that the students are able to understand things at the very conceptual level and be at par with global education pedagogy. Thanks to the 3D learning technology, the students can almost feel being a part of the subject itself. Our aim is to make learning- immersive, interactive, exciting and fascinating. With 3D becoming a movie watching standard across the country, it has been gladly accepted by learners across all age groups and has left them yearning for more.

We are aiming to make the Biology, Physics and Chemistry lessons exciting for our students through a 3D experience which is a pure delight as students take part in a life-like virtual world, where abstract ideas come to life. The benefits of this 3D Lab are –