Sports Facilities

MM International School, Sadopur is known as the best school for academics as well as sports in entire Haryana. The school is very particular about sports and the participation of each student in different games and outdoor activities. The school timetable for each class has two dedicated sports lessons and classes per week. The school has a team of expert sports coaches and game experts to train the students. A sound mind lives in a healthy body that’s why at MMIS, we believe in encouraging children to take up a game and inculcate team spirit by participating in different contests and competitions at Regional and National level.

The sports activities currently offered at MMIS are:

Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Chess, Football, Gymnastics, Karate, Skating, Swimming, Squash, Volleyball and Yoga.

We are relentlessly making efforts to expand our sports program time to time.


Indoor sports complex

MMIS,Sadopur has a huge indoor sports complex which encourages the students to play the indoor games like Squash Court, Badminton Courts, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Yoga and Karate. Taking part in indoor games is important for two reasons; one, not every student is keen to play outdoor sports like hockey or cricket and secondly, even indoor games are popular at global level. Indians have been doing very well in Squash, Table Tennis, Chess etc. and so there lies big opportunities to explore for young students by taking up indoor games.

In Indoor sports complex at MMIS, students are able to choose the indoor game of their choice and take coaching for the same.


MMIS, Sadopur encourages students to take part in athletics and work on their physical fitness. Our students are doing very well in Athletics events at state as well as national level. We proudly share their achievements as –


Badminton is one of the most popular games among teenagers and at MMIS, we provide Badminton coaching to the students during school hours. We have also arranged for special badminton classes so that they can master the game and shine at national level. Our students have done exceptionally well in Badminton and their achievements are worth sharing –


Basketball is one of the best games for the physical and overall development of a child. At MMIS, we have a trained Basketball coach to mentor and guide the students in this game. Our students receive academic assistance, basketball career planning, high-performance basketball training as well as strength and conditioning training in this sport. The icing on the cake is that school also has a state-of-the-art basketball court for practice and many inter-house competitions in this sport are being organized every year. Take a look at the performance of our students in Basketball –

Yuvraj Singh Cricket Academy

We understand how the younger generation feels for Cricket and cricket being one of the most popular and highly paying games, it is important we nurture the talent of our kids if they happen to have cricketing skills and passion. That’s why MM International School has secured a tie-up with the Yuvraj Singh Cricket Academy whereby the students get to live a glorious life in cricket and take training from the experts of this field and also get a chance to meet the legend in person – Cricket star Yuvraj Singh himself.


Chess is one of the best games for childhood and we must encourage our children to take part in it. Simply because this game gives us a chance to scratch the grays, think logically, strategically and analytically and helps to develop the vision and foresight which turn out to be a grown up’s biggest asset! At MMIS, Sadopur, students learn to play Chess and many regular competitions are organized at school level to test the children’s skills.


Not every game is meant to invest all your physical energy in growing muscles and gaining strength; some games like Carrom Board are meant to give you strength through relaxation, socialization and focus. Carrom Board is one of those games where children learn to focus, observe and become a winner by developing their reflexes. Moreover, childhood is meant to be enjoyed and stay stress-free that’s why at MMIS Sadopur, we encourage children to play games like carrom board at least thrice a weak. The players of the games often end up with a strong memory and high cognitive skills that get improved due to indulgence in this game.


Football is no more a game of the West; India is making fast strides in the game and getting noticed at International level too. MMIS Sadopur has a dedicated coach to train the children in soccer and help them be a player of the National level if they wish to make a career in football. We keep organizing inter-house football competitions in our school for the students so that they get a chance to be in the State or National team and make the country proud by playing well.


The game of gymnastic is very popular all across the world and it is played both at individual level as well as team level. In fact, it is one of the games at Olympics and Commonwealth Games where a country with a high gymnasium quotient can bag a good number of medals. MMIS encourages children to take up gymnastics as it not only helps them to be a sportsperson at international level but also makes the body strong, flexible and agile. We have a special coach to train the students for gymnastics and for different forms that include Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Tumbling, Double-Mini Trampoline (DMT), Disability, Acrobatic, Team Gym and Aerobics.


MMIS Sadopur is one of the leading schools of Haryana that is teaching the students Karate because we believe games like Karate give children not just the physical confidence but also strength and agility. Games like Karate need to be promoted at grassroots level because our children would take maximum benefit from such sports.


Sports are all about fun and there is no better game than skating for the kids. MMIS Sadopur has a skating rink and we encourage our children to take time out and learn skating from the coach. Skating is also one of the popular games and highly beneficial for the body. Most of the parents worry for the physical fitness and health of their child, so they must encourage their children to take part in games like skating as it is a fun way towards a fit body and happy soul. The game is known for stress reduction and endorphin release which is very important for physical and emotional development.


If you talk about one sport that gives maximum health benefits, swimming would definitely come right on the top. Plus this game has so much fun involved in it. At MM International, School students are encouraged to take up swimming as we have a state-of-the-art swimming pool for all age groups. We have both male and female coaches who are there to help young boys and girls learn swimming. Our students go on to take part in state level competitions and have won accolades in swimming as well.


Squash is an elegant and classy sport that must be encouraged because it helps the children to learn leaping, spinning, stopping, bending, jumping, sprinting and running. Squash is one of those games which give the children a chance to indulge in it physically as well as emotionally.Children become so swift and light on their feet. The icing on the cake is MMIS has a dedicated area to play squash and therefore we encourage our children to take part in it. We have a coach also to train the students with enthusiasm and energy.

Table Tennis

India has registered a lot of glory in the field of sports especially Table Tennis where our players have been winning medals at international level. Table Tennis is one of the most popular games at the grassroots level and MMIS Sadopur encourages children to take up table tennis in the free time. We have a coach to train the students and we often organize school level competitions of Table Tennis to encourage and nurture the talented players.


With our PM Narendra Modi Ji laying emphasis on Yoga, it becomes imperative for all the schools to impart Yoga training. MMIS Sadopur is the first school in the region to include yoga in its weekly curriculum. Yoga is one of the best sports for youngsters as it helps them to develop body mind awareness, to gain physical fitness and flexibility and to remain stress-free because of Meditation and breathing exercises. Our school has a yoga expert who is happy to teach the children this fine art and we also encourage our students to take part in State-level and National level yoga competitions.