World Class Infrastructure

MMIS, Sadopur is set up in 3.80 acres lush green surroundings and boasts of having an aesthetically designed and functionally creative school building. The entire campus is fragrant with greenery and has 96 airy and air-conditioned classrooms, Science, Math, Computer and language laboratories and libraries; all of which are Wi-Fi enabled.


Well-ventilated, spacious and air-conditioned classrooms are designed according to the functional needs of the students with equal emphasis on facilitating free movement and good enough working space. All these classrooms are fitted with smart boards and are well-furnished. The idea is to provide the young minds technological support as well as ergonomically designed layout so that children enjoy their learning time and gain maximum owing to interaction and creative facilitation.

At MMIS, Sadopur, we lay emphasis on using multi-media tools for teaching that includes interactive white boards, notes, flowcharts, drawings and PPTs which are saved and can be accessed later as well by the students.

Dance Drama Room

The school’s creatively designed building has a state-of-the-art dance and drama studio which gives the students a chance to explore their innate potential in performing arts. Students get to learn different types of dance forms, Indian and western and plan/perform drama and theatre here.


Music Room

Music is what completes the childhood. To make the student life interesting and melodious, MMIS, Sadopur has designed a special purpose Music Room where students get training and guidance in different forms of Indian and western music with the help of a whole array of musical instruments.

Art Studio

MMIS, Sadopur has a dedicated creative art studio which caters to encourage the students to express themselves and their feelings through basic drawing, sketching and painting and also learn professional art and craft from the school’s expert faculty in this field.



MMIS, Sadopur has an ultra-modern computerized library which helps the children access any book, journal, magazine or literature that can help them in self-study. Such is the level of treasured stuff in this library that students can also find valuable content in the form of compact discs, audio and video cassettes, computer software and multimedia stations.

Students have access to both Indian and foreign origin reading material. The idea behind creating such a huge library is to invite students to explore the world of books which is no less than an ocean itself. Moreover, research has shown that students who learn to befriend books in younger age turn out to be more successful than others. MMIS also organizes various competitions and reading contests in the library from time to time.



The school has many state-of-the-art laboratories with excellent facilities dedicated to a particular subject that help the students in gaining practical knowledge in different projects. The children get hands-on experience through Computer, Science, Math and Language Labs which reflect school’s commitment to adopt an interactive and creative learning process.


Outdoor play area

Sports and outdoor activities are very important for a child’s holistic development and growth. Children who indulge in physical activities do better in all aspects of life and emerge successful in career as well. That’s why MMIS, Sadopur focuses on fulfilling the prime objective of enriching students’ life with physical and intellectual development milestones. Students of MMIS get to explore the outdoor fun by indulging in many sports and activities like basketball, Cricket, Swimming, etc. All these activities add on to the confidence level of students and nurture them as a team player.

Sports Center

Sports, as explained earlier, are one of the integral parts of student life in MMIS, Sadopur. The school has a gigantic Sports Centre that offers the students a chance to enjoy and take up professionally ,indoor games including table tennis, chess, carom board etc. The Sports Center is meant to encourage children to take part in every game that can enhance their ability to not only focus on the goal, but also to develop an innovative approach in life and gear up for success.

Activity Rooms

What makes MMISians so unique? They are active and up for action, always!

MMIS follows a proactive approach to education where children are encouraged to take up different activities ranging from dancing to yoga to performing arts. And for that purpose, the school has  dedicated Activity Rooms equipped with a wide range of performing arts. One can observe students doing many unique activities here and encouraging others to try out as well. The Activity Room is the budding place for future champions and performers. It is the place where children find wings to their dreams and creativity.


Health is the utmost priority of MMIS and that’s why the school has a well-equipped and well-furnished medical room, which is accessible during school hours. The school has nursing attendants in the Infirmary to take care of the children and is best equipped to provide first aid and emergency care. MMIS is the only school of the region to secure a tie-up with the hospitals to address medical exigencies right on time. The school also conducts regular awareness programs for assisting students about various aspects of health education (diseases), first aid, healthy habits, diet management and stress management. Yoga practice and meditation are also a major part of daily activities of students; both are meant to add to the emotional and intellectual development of the students. In addition to the awareness sessions, many routine medical checkups are also conducted every year to keep a tab on the health value of students and even parents are updated about the same.