Chairman’s Perspective

What good is a classroom if it doesn’t reverberate with the sounds of questioning minds, happy childhood and enthusiastic brilliance!

I envision education to be the best foot forward towards a happy life; my vision behind MMIS, Sadopur was to help the children discover and develop the joy of discovering new things and knowing meaningful tools that shape their personality and motivate them to do good work.

Founded in 2007 by MMT, MMIS aims at the holistic development of its students in all aspects that ultimately end up enriching the quality of their life. We understand that the popularity of any school cannot be accidental and so a strategic approach was followed encompassing selection of brilliant and caring teachers willing enough to innovate in education and creating a world-class infrastructure. What matters maximum for a school is to help a child discover the meaning of his life through activities he or she enjoy the most! It is important for education to facilitate holistic growth so that the children feel valued and acknowledged by all.

MMIS, Sadopur is one such unique school where the mutual relationships among faculty, staff and students get manifested in respect and trust. MMIS, Sadopur celebrates life and learning.

Tarsem Garg
Founder & Chairman
M.M. International School