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M.M. International School

Welcome to MMIS, Sadopur a school where young ones discover the joy of learning with an insatiable desire to go beyond the book. MMIS is one such school where one can see groups of children engaged and working together, self-directed, taking responsibility for their own learning. This is the school where enthusiastic giggles and meaningful questions echo; a school where minds are sharpened and hearts get softened!

Why MMIS – Because Education is Enlightenment

MMIS Sadopur is the place where children are facilitated to learn beyond books and classrooms, where they gain knowledge, skills, as well as confidence to think innovative ideas and build a happier world.

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If you wish to give your child the best of education in sync with the global world, come and be a part of the trendsetting education brand in the field of quality education. MMIS Family is growing day by day and you too can be a part of it. Get the Prospectus at one click

The Arts

Arts is the best medium that creates a compassionate learning environment; it also motivates the child to use his/her insightful thoughts and put them into action. Take a look at how MMIS children express their brilliance through various art forms.


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Chairman Message
Mr. Tarsem Garg, a well known philanthropist and an ideal visionary committed to the advancement of professional education, established a number of Institutions…

Mercy Home

News 3 September, Saturday MMitians showcased how kindness & charity makes us a true human. The students went to Mercy Home & donated some stationery

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Hindi Diwas

News Hindi week was celebrated in the school campus in the first week of September to mark the importance of HINDI our national language, where

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MMIS, ambala

MMIS Sadopur plays a catalytic role in child’s development. We continue being the platform for thousands of children where they unlock their inner doors to personal excellence.

MMIS has brought a revolution and it is happening NOW!