Press Release

M.M. International, Ambala Celebrates Kindness Week

“Kindness is contagious”, the students of Classes I to V have proved it right by indulging themselves in the Kindness Week from 12 December 2019 to 18 December 2019 at MM International School, Ambala& spreading kindness everywhere around them. A heart warming response has been received by the students who sent endearing pictures and videos doing various acts of kindness.

Students celebrated the Week through a series of planned events and small, spontaneous & voluntary acts of generosity. Reaching out to the elderly, making kindness badges, maintaining kindness diary, taking care of their own mental & emotional health, sharing a mouth watering dish with their friends & other plethora of acts of kindness were the highlights of the week. The week was full of fun activities, giveaways, surprises, and intentional acts of kindness. The lovely gestures shown by the students has truly proved that mercy is twice blessed. They have got a lesson for life that kindness should be voluntary & selfless. The school Principal Ms.NehaKashyap has applauded the efforts of the students & complimented their teachers, parents, grandparents & family members to have participated in these activities with a great vigour & enthusiasm and making the week a great success.