Press Release

Foreign Language is not a barrier, its a bridge.

It is acclaimed that French is one of the most beautiful languages & the most logical. It’s fame & craze among the Indian students is tremendous & huge. The students of M.M. International School, Ambala celebrated the French week undertaking various enriching activities. The week was celebrated between 16th to 21st December 2019 to develop affinity towards French language.

A special assembly comprising of French Quiz, amazing facts & New French terms also mesmerized the students. Children showcased their French linguistic skills through Conversation & Role play in French. The special highlight was an exhibition on French Cuisine by the students of VIth, VIIth and VIIth Classes which was indeed a novel idea. The whole week helped children know more about French language, customs & traditions henceforth enhancing universal integration. Principal Ms.NehaKashyap applauded the students for being a messenger of universal brotherhood.